Virtualization and Security Meeting - March 23, 2015

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Attendee list:

  • Elliptic: Mike Borza
  • Imgtec: Majid Bemanian, David Lau
  • prpl: Art Swift, Eric Schultz, Cesare Garlati​
  • Qcom: Charlie Maier, Kathy Giori
  • Lantiq: Olaf Wachendorf
  • Kernkonzept: Michael Hohmuth, Adam Lackorzynski
  • Cupp Computing: Art Swift
  • Seltech: Toshihide Watanabe
  • Absent: Broadcom, Imperas, Ikanos, Ingenic


Great participation for the first meeting.

Participants over-viewed their virtualization and security-related work.

Majid presented an overview of Imagination's approach

  • Constructive discussion around Home gateway virtualization and use cases​
  • Questions on where the network stack ideally should reside
  • Discussion of the HW features (e.g. multi-layer MMU) required for full HW support

Elliptic Secure Container reference platform was discussed by David and Mike

  • ​Ability to handle multiple secure streams in virtual environment under the control of TEE/SecureOS
  • Demo vehicle to show what's possible

Discussion of policies and meeting schedule

  • It was agreed to move Security-PEG meeting to bi-weekly (every other week), 7am to accommodate multiple geographies

Action Items:​​

  • ​​Mike, Majid, Art, Cesare to prepare charter draft for review
  • Mike, Majid to identify different sub-tasks for implementing secure virtualization (and how to Slice the problem; e.g. s/w, h/w, debug, etc..)
  • ​​​Cesare to hold one on one calls with participants to fully understand their interests
  • Deferred for later meeting:
    • ​Lessons learned from HGI
    • ​Lessons learned from CSA​
    • Lessons learned from MIPS VZ spec process
    • ​Demonstration of Elliptic secure container reference platform

Next meeting April 6th, 7am PDT​​