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How to use



This is required. If empty, a warning will be shown.

  • First - the name of the PEG, without the word PEG at the end

All named parameters are optional, however you should have at least one

  • MeetingInfo - a long description of meeting info. We assume this could be a paragraph.
  • MailingListEmail - mailing list email address
  • MailingListSubscriptionUrl - url to subscription to maililist
  • MailingListArchiveUrl - url to the mailing list archive
  • ForumUrl - url of the main forum page for the PEG
  • GovernanceModel - name of the Wiki page for the PEG Governance Model
  • RepositoryUrl - GitHub url of the repository. This is for the HTML displayed page, not the Git clone URL
  • UpstreamProject - name of the upstream project of the PEG


{{Get Involved In PEG|FooBar|MailingListEmail=something@lists.list|MailingListArchiveUrl=http://mailinglistarchive.url|MailingListSubscriptionUrl=http://subscription.url|MeetingInfo=Every tuesday at 9 AM UTC 

Call in: 555-555-5555

|ForumUrl=http://url_of_forum.forum|RepositoryUrl=https://github.com/projecturl/|UpstreamProject=Our Upstream project|GovernanceModel=Our PEG's Governance Model}}
How to get involved in FooBar PEG
Meetings are the best way to get involved in the FooBar PEG. The meeting schedule is as follows:

Every tuesday at 9 AM UTC

Call in: 555-555-5555

Mailing list.svg
Mailing list
Open source projects often use a type of email based discussion forum, or mailing list. The FooBar PEG's mailing list is a great way to get involved! The mailing list email address is something@lists.list and you can join it at http://subscription.url. You can browse previous discussions at http://mailinglistarchive.url.
Discussing the FooBar PEG on the forum is one way to participate in the PEG.
Governance Model
Every PEG has it's own governance model which dictates how it functions. Governance Model for FooBar details the process for making decisions in the PEG.
The Github repository is where you can grab the latest code for FooBar PEG. Explore the repository, and get involved by fork the code and submitting pull requests.
Upstream Project
FooBar PEG is built off of the amazing work of the Our Upstream project project.

How to get involved in Warning: The PEG Name should be first. Please add one. PEG