OpenWrt Summit 2016 Planning

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Potential cities[edit]

At the first OpenWrt Summit planning meeting, the committee decided to start a table of potential cities for the OpenWrt Summit. Please add any information you have to the table. The first row is an example. If you have any issues with the formatting, please email Eric (eschultz AT and he'd be happy to help.

Table of Potential Event Cities
City Likely nightly room rate (if available) Potential locations for event Associated with which event (or None) Pros Cons
Example City $123 Example city conference center (link to site) Open Wifi-a-thon (February 30-31)
  • Close for many core team members
  • Has large number of international flights
  • No local community focused on OpenWrt
  • Event date is around the nation handball tournament; it'll be hard to get a room.
Berlin, Germany 149.00 Euros Maritim Hotel Co-located with ELCE and OpenIoT Summit (October 11-13)
  • ELCE was popular last year
  • Berlin has lots of international flights
  • Freifunk is based in Germany
  • ELCE connection means we get event organization support from Linux Foundation
  • IoT aspect may attract more companies who use OpenWrt
  • ELCE is much smaller this year because it's focused solely on embedded. (Or maybe that's a pro?)
Lisbon $133 Lisbon Marriott WINSYS Wireless networks and mobile systems (July 26-28)
  • Europe
  • Co-located with conference "Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communications Systems"
  • IoT workshop "Wireless cloud-based Technologies and Systems"
  • No particular Linux link
  • Risky, could build new interest from other industries, but might also reduce the normal Linux crowd attendance
  • Possibly too short notice
Prague ~ 100 USD Diplomat Hotel (just example) None
  • Middle of Europe - easy to reach from Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, etc. by train or bus, many direct flights from the whole world
  • Great city to visit
  • CZ.NIC offers to host the event (taking care of finding the venue, organizing the event, catering, T-shirts, etc.). CZ.NIC has an experienced team for this (IETF 93, RIPE 60, etc.)
  • Cheap accommodation (easy to find below 100 USD/night), city transport (1 USD for short travel, 1.5 USD for long travels and 5 USD for whole day), food (good lunch under 10 USD) and beer (1-2 USD) :)
  • No co-location = no limit on date
  • More info for example here -
  • Not co-located with any other event
Brussels ~$200 Example hotels FOSDEM Jan 2017?
  • In Europe and several core team members typically attend FOSDEM
  • Popular conference attracting ~5000 attendees
  • Too big?
  • Event date is far out