OpenWrt PRIP 2 - Support for MIPS Creator CI20

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User stories[edit]

  • As an OpenWrt user, I can run OpenWrt on a MIPS Creator CI20 board
  • As an OpenWrt developer, I can test an OpenWrt build the MIPS Creator CI20 platform without risking my router


The MIPS Creator CI20 is a new board for enthusiasts and makers. I think it'd be beneficial for OpenWrt to support this board so we can make sure that tinkerers who use the CI20 can experiment with OpenWrt as well. Additionally, since OpenWrt runs primarily on MIPS processors in routers, this new board support will expand the number of people who can test and develop OpenWrt without risking the stability of their routers from mistakes.

The config for CI20 may be the same as here?


  • Can we reuse any of the XBurst support in target/linux/xburst/?
  • Do we need to create a new directory under target/linux/ for CI20?
  • Can we get 3.10 kernel patches from IMG (not at
    • If not, how much work to backport from 3.16 to 3.10?
  • What tests are required to verify this works?