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prplwrt PEG Ideas[edit]

Why have a prpl Engineering Group focused on an already successful community development project? To help open a dialog between industry and the community on enhancement ideas. Today, many companies don't know who to turn to within the community. Here are some ideas:

  • Value-add software
    • OpenWrt is commonly used by independent software vendors because they can develop and add their own software to an off-the-shelf Wi-Fi enabled router. OpenWrt enables not just Wi-Fi routers but also Internet of Things hubs and clients too. But these ideas bring new challenges:
      • how to make it easy to install 3rd party value-added software (even on products that are already deployed)
      • need security to protect the core platform functionality against runaway/buggy/malicious add-on sw (do not want all daemons running as root)
    • Carriers are asking for "software platform" standards that they can adopt to take part in a broader "connected home" services ecosystem
      • the home broadband gateway is an always on device that can offer data storage and processing and proxy a secure link to cloud services on behalf of local clients with limited capability
      • a gateway device can also be used to translate data across disparate connectivity devices (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, PLC, BT, ...)
      • carriers also have high standards for security (see bullet above) while also requiring very high-performance networking capability
  • Common developer platforms
    • select/identify hardware platforms that would be good for development
    • enables more focus on software, since the hardware is known to work well
  • OEM, ODM, and reference design hardware enablement
    • make it easier for OEMs to work with OpenWrt community developers to get more of their hardware able to be reflashed with OpenWrt
    • develop a program for industry to give away more free hardware to the community
    • encourage OEMs, ODMs, and silicon companies to perform ongoing regression testing of OpenWrt trunk and recent stable releases (AA, BB) on a variety of hardware to catch regressions early
  • Events
    • organize annual face to face events