OpenWrt Meeting - September 4, 2015

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Attendees: Kathy (it was a lively discussion today... :)

OpenWrt Summit agenda published:

QCA's board farm test scripts and framework now hosted as a collaborative open source project on Github. See how to setup your own simple board farm:

FCC NPRM ET docket 15-170 feedback/comment window extended to October 8. But the IT system that hosts the "Electronic Comment Filing System" is down over the labor day weekend (US holiday weekend).

FCC related questions/ideas for the OpenWrt core team

Will you be filing a collective "response" to the FCC? If so, who is leading the charge to make sure it happens? I would like to discuss the idea of a response from the core team that would provide a statement of assurance of regulatory compliance to the FCC. That statement would claim that compiled binaries automatically built by the daily build server (available publicly for download) will have regulatory features and controls *enabled*, and not easily defeated. End-users would therefore need to manually recompile their own OpenWrt image to break compliance. Is that idea possible?