OpenWrt Meeting - September 19, 2014

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Attendees: Eric, Ian, Kathy

ELCE – Gold sponsorship, 3 sessions and a conf room. When are the sessions?

  • IMG – 5 developers attending, Ian might be coming too ☺
  • QCA – kathy yes, M&M need to make their reservations asap, Allan?
  • prpl – Eric, Amit yes

When do we need to get session content/title info in? Who do we invite to participate in the prpl/community panel? Query OpenWrt mailing list to find out who is going to be there?

Student project – any ideas? Kathy has one for OpenWrt – "libsensor" idea. A library to pull out platform metrics and sensor values and expose (or collect) in user space. Expose library API via node.js and/or AllJoyn control panel? MIPS hw vendors, such as Dog Hunter (, and IMG and QCA engineers can mentor the students and provide free hardware. These prpl member engineers provide high-level design, students do detailed design and execute.

prpl stuff

QCA – has some platform submissions (IPQ -- Mathieu) and security enhancement ideas. Seems easier to push directly to OpenWrt for now. When several prpl members begin collaborating, then we could envision having a separate prplWrt branch and maintainer. For now, too much extra effort to have separate prplWrt branch.

IMG – new hires coming in; contribution workflow to be determined. Today was Graham Whaley's last day in the office (22 years at IMG). We wish him well, and hope to keep in touch.

Meeting time – anyone who wants to be on this call that can’t make this time? We will leave as is for now and revisit during the ELCE conference session.