Prplwrt Meeting - September 12, 2014

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Attendees: Ian, Allan, Kathy, Mathieu

Ian: CI20 activity keeping things busy. Next week get more prepared for prplwrt Dusseldorf activities. Increasing amount of interest in prpl.

Allan: looking into security enhancements for OpenWrt, hoping to have some interesting results and approaches to resolve soon. Looking at node.js - need it running well with good bindings to native services. KG should introduce Allan to Dog Hunter regarding their use of node.js on Linino. Will need some security wrappers too. At Uplinq (next week), Allan will be speaking about apps on OpenWrt - benefits of "Smart Gateway".

Mathieu: need to think about what to discuss during prplwrt panel session in Dusseldorf. Discuss next week.

Kathy: booked flights to Dusseldorf, now need to start thinking about agenda ideas to make the time useful/productive within prpl and with the OpenWrt community. (Also attending the Linux wireless summit activities during LPC.)

This meeting occurs Friday mornings 8:30am PST, and is open to all, but Eric is looking into a new time slot to accommodate more people. We might also consider organizing a chat session on IRC at a specific time. maybe even on the OpenWrt channel.