OpenWrt Meeting - September 11, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Zoltan, Kathy

OpenWrt CC 15.05 finalized! Congratulations OpenWrt rock stars!!

OpenWrt Summit:

  • Zoltan is coming -- will give lightning talk on sunxi board with allwinner chip (ARM chip); lots of GPIOs -
  • Eric, Kathy, Matthew will be there for ELCE and the Summit
  • Eric Schultz will present happenings wrt the latest FCC NPRM (as well as June 2015 U-NII band platform security constraints that are already problematic)
    • what should we do to keep the momentum after the NPRM closes?
    • how to encourage the FCC to continue to interact with the community (via prpl? can we help?)
    • need standard OEM and after-market software to comply with regulatory by default (then any individual developers would have to go way out of their way to break the rules, and do so knowingly)
  • Who in OpenWrt core can step up and take on the role as FCC representative? Imre has been most vocal and seems a good choice.


  • Tweeting about the Summit and schedule
  • Will push out a prpl press release next week to promote the event


  • Does AllWinner platform support sort of as a hobby (sunxi platform now made it into OpenWrt)
  • Apparently their GPL compliance is not very good :(
  • Another hobby target is MXS - freescale ARM SoCs, and that made it into final CC