OpenWrt Meeting - October 31, 2014

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Attendees: Art, Eric, Kathy

Purpose: This call is focused on US time zone dialog among prplwrt PEG member companies, since it doesn't fit well with worldwide timezones. However, anyone is welcome to join (details below). Goal is to plan prplwrt PEG related activities and track status. For example, we came up with many ideas at ELCE. Now we need to plan and execute.

Secondary objective is to keep track of topics that we want to discuss with broader OpenWrt community and core hackers. We will plan a conference call or IRC meetup approximately once per month. And a face-to-face meetup every 6-12 months.

Meeting notes:

How to plan and fund next face-to-face meetup? One thought is that the Linux Foundation has opened a call for grant proposals to the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII): OpenWrt seems like an excellent fit. Has anyone submitted a proposal yet? If not, is anyone willing to volunteer? LF will help provide travel scholarships too. The prpl Foundation would contribute funds to help organize and provide food and other logistics for an OpenWrt gathering/conference. We can also solicit other sponsors. The easiest thing to do is to piggyback on some other conference(s). Need a list of piggyback event ideas. It would be nice to include an educational session for new-to-OpenWrt users during the event too.

Eric putting some ideas together for open source education for companies, and developers. Some of this would be prpl generic. Regarding use and contributions to OpenWrt, Steven Barth would be a good person to talk to regarding software license tags. He mentioned that they could encourage SPDX tags to be implemented on official OpenWrt packages. The meta tag in the package Makefile might be as simple as: PKG_LICENSE:=MIT Unless there are a bunch of different licenses in the package, in which case maybe there needs to be multiple tags?

Notes from ELCE -- need to prioritize and track. Eric may initiate this using the wiki.

General OpenWrt documentation help/support. Organize into categories? E.g., users, developers, and general communications of the roadmap. Can look at the way the eLinux site organizes information for CI20. Also talked about asking for the dd-wrt supported devices schema, to organize supported platform data better and be able to query and sort on it.

QCA is working on legal approval to release our automated board farm test scripts, framework, and wiki notes regarding hardware, setup, etc. Can be as simple as a one-board testbed, or a whole rack full of boards. Then developers can continue to augment the tests that they want to run on various platforms. Expanding the board farm approach globally, and automatically sending e-mailing results would really help, especially when updating to new kernels.

Happy Halloween!!