OpenWrt Meeting - October 30, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Hauke, Art, Kathy


  • OpenWrt Summit recap:
    • grand success!
    • 82 attendees picked up a badge (maybe had a couple floaters from ELCE attend too)
  • Wrote blog post of OpenWrt Summit with links to presentations and videos
  • Cutting back prpl time to 10 hours/wk for next few months so can get back into more technical work
    • will likely spend time to help organize the board farm
  • Time for another global hangout meetup -- look for doodle survey to coordinate the time, coming soon
  • Summit survey sent to attendees -- please respond to it!!
    • if you add your e-mail (which will be separated from the anonymous results), you could win hardware!
    • highest ranking presentation will receive hardware too :)
    • then we can improve the summit in the future
    • and if you haven't seen it (maybe landed in your spam folder), ask Eric for the survey link


  • IMG has a build bot to create firmware images for MIPS platforms -- could be linked to board farm
  • We should also look at kernel CI tests for ARM, x86, to see what is tested
  • Encourage companies to setup in their own board farm facilities
  • Lantiq DSL modems currently use a fork of OpenWrt AA, devel against CC underway
    • there are many patches against standard OpenWrt because of additional Telco requirements
    • common theme of why patches/additions not pushed to openwrt.git directly is because developers not provided enough time to submit their changes back


  • in discussion with HGI about prpl taking on a chunk of their work after they close shop in 6 months
    • best fit would be to take on gateway virtualization effort (IMG staff already involved)
    • maybe take on other tasks
  • HGI site shows members and initiatives -- we only have overlap/fit with portions of what they did
  • why are they wrapping up? We don't know. It was driven by carriers though, so there is an overlap between some prpl members and HGI members
  • Virtualization and Security PEG first draft document is being circulated for internal review. Next step will be peer review, including any interested OpenWrt project developers, and lastly it will be posted publicly (and updated periodically)


  • Will organize a separate meeting on the board farm with QCA originators/experts
    • if you are interested in joining, let me know
    • Hauke suggests inviting Travis Kemen (nick "thepeople")
  • Happy Halloween!