OpenWrt Meeting - October 3, 2014

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Attendees: Eric, Kathy, Ian

  • ELCE
  • Kathy already has a ticket from Qualcomm sponsorship - doesn't need to use a prpl sponsor ticket
  • We still have a few more passes available (Kathy will ask more OpenWrt folks)
  • Ian feels unprepared (as the rest of us do, but that is to be expected - this is a new organization) :)
  • Booth - what do we display there?
  • Signage will be prepared for us
  • Do we need handouts?
  • Sign-in sheet - for those who want more info (send follow-up e-mail with links)
  • HW certification - to be discussed in the mtg room
  • prplWrt - to be discussed in the mtg room
  • "containers"
  • Project collaboration and workflow
  • mtg room slots (confirmed)
    • tues 1-3pm
    • wed 10am-noon
    • The meeting room name is "VIP-SH" and it is located on the First Floor of the CCD (same level as booths, keynote sessions, etc). and there will be signage onsite to show you exactly where the room is (you can also of course ask me and I can walk you to the room).