OpenWrt Meeting - October 24, 2014

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Attendees: Eric, Allan, Mathieu, Kathy


  • ELCE -- see attached photo. Nice looking crew! :)
    • Eric wrote a new tutorial on creating an OpenWrt build. With screen shots and all, looks great!
    • It is on the wiki now at
    • Eric will poke OpenWrt core team ( to ask them to review it.
    • Kathy has more notes to write up from day 2 discussions at ELCE.
    • Education of open source licenses to prpl member companies? Need to identify the key PoCs in each member company.
    • LF (Greg K-H) was keen on helping fund and promote more OpenWrt events, such as hackathons. Need to further investigate Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) to see if they can help with travel sponsorships and such.
    • Need more open source license education. Post stuff to the wiki?
    • Maintainers need help with: 1) documentation, 2) release scheduling and more open communication, 3) communicating changes, 4) identifying people available to support companies
  • How do we take OpenWrt to the next level?
    • Encourage a company like Canonical to create a professionally supported OpenWrt distro? How to help industry with a professional service model that doesn't harm or interfere with the core OpenWrt community growth and innovation? How to make sure core OpenWrt developers are financially rewarded for continued core development? For newbies, would be nice to have a super easy end-user installation and update mechanism, supported by a professional distro company, such as Canonical. Are there several choices of companies who can do this type of thing?
    • Linino is an example of an OpenWrt build targeting the Maker community and IoE development. But so far they only focus on hardware that Dog Hunter manufactures.
    • End-users worry about bricking a new router. Having a company test and guarantee what exact hardware models are supported would be nice.
    • prpl Foundation doesn't have the resources to provide strong testing and support
    • use this topic for first prpl/OpenWrt core hacker sync?
  • Qualcomm Atheros runs a board farm with python test scripts
    • once available as open source, OpenWrt developers and companies can extend and re-use our framework
    • Mathieu doing the legal legwork of the process to open it up
  • Communication with OpenWrt core hackers once per month?
    • do a conference call or meet on IRC at a specific time?
    • would need a real agenda to work through
    • need to take good notes so it's not a waste of people's time
    • max one or two agenda items

Eric will move this prpl call to a time that works for Art and those of us on the west coast. It seems mostly an informal prpl sync. Then we'll find a different morning slot for the once monthly call with OpenWrt hackers who are mostly in Europe.

Happy OpenWrt folks at ELCE!