OpenWrt Meeting - October 2, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Hauke, Kathy, Matthew, Vinay

OpenWrt Summit - coming up, October 8, 2015!

  • over 100 registrations. :)
  • will be live streamed and recorded.
  • will be a couple boards raffled away to participants who complete an anonymous conference survey.
  • For those watching over streaming or recorded sessions, there will be a survey to respond to within 2 days for additional platforms to be raffled and shipped to you.


  • getting close to deadline for filing responses (Oct 8)
  • Nate Cardoza (EFF) repurposing the net neutrality site to be a template for help submitting your own response to the FCC
  • Hauke will ping openwrt-hackers list to encourage the core team developers to provide feedback to Eric directly on his latest proposal. He is asking open source community organizations to rally around common ideas that explain that they are motivated to be compliant, but that compliance doesn't have to mean full software source nor software update lockdown. The text/bullets of ideas were made more general.


  • Coordinating QCA developers to move forward on getting Linux and OpenWrt patches (e.g., those posted on sent to and/or openwrt.git.
  • Hoping for better collaboration with the OpenWrt community once able to more frequently and effectively submit back.
  • Will describe the Board Farm project in a lightning talk at the OpenWrt Summit.


  • Product Manager in the SF Bay Area exploring options for product development (build, buy, or partner)
  • Wondering how to take advantage of OpenWrt but worried about FCC considerations (buy a module pre-certified?)