OpenWrt Meeting - November 7, 2014

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Notes from weekly ad hoc sync up of US-based prpl foundation member companies Posted to public mailing list:

Attendees: Eric, Charlie, Kathy, Mathieu, Art

No specific agenda this week. Random status and discussions.

Eric: Added PKG_LICENSE tags to *management* and *telephony* feeds. openwrt.git feeds seem to be handled by others. He can do more if needed. What is the use case for SPDX? To limit packages or to audit the ones in the build?

  • Kathy thinks "audit" is priority one
  • Mathieu idea: enhance the feed scripts to be able to search for packages that don't show the license

Sent an e-mail to this list about prioritization of the ideas that came up during ELCE. Everyone should follow the link and comment, whether you were at ELCE or not:

Mathieu: Board farm scripts and docs -- open source request in progress (legal review). Will see if we can publish the equipment setup info while waiting for legal review to close.

Charlie: Changes in FCC requirements, with focus on Wi-Fi regulations, are coming due in 2015. This has implications since one way to deal with it is secure platform boot, resulting in an inability to tamper with the software on a device. This would affect the ability to reflash a device with OpenWrt. How can OpenWrt still thrive while satisfying these new FCC restrictions?

  • Charlie will send Eric the FCC link to a doc describing these new restrictions and a summary of what it might mean.

Eric comment: x86 PCs are required by Microsoft to have secure boot by default, but it is possible to go into BIOS and turn it off.

Kathy: Conference alert: NETDEV 0.1 -- Ottawa, Canada, Feb 15-17. Co-located will be next Linux Wireless mini-summit. Any OpenWrt community interest in attending? Periodic OpenWrt community collaboration yet to be scheduled -- how about once per month meetup using Google hangouts?

Art: Feedback on the ideas from ELCE is important in order to know where to focus. Please do it.