OpenWrt Meeting - November 20, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Hauke, Art


  • Met with Michael Anderson who created the QCA/BoardFarm tool. Eric and Michael talked through the design of the current board farm and talked about how prpl could potentially use it for testing upstream
  • Will send out a meeting request for interested members of the OpenWrt community as well as the prpl members, likely for week of November 30-December 4, to discuss the design for the prpl board farm.


  • Not much going on for him. Just getting into understanding the open sourcing process for Intel for upstreaming things to OpenWrt


  • Brought up the topic of HGI and prpl. Will be visiting Barcelona in the first week of December to talk with HGI members.
  • Was wondering if there's a list of carrier grade feature requests for OpenWrt as some of the HGI members had asked. Hauke says there isn't. Art said he'd be trying to get one and hopefully move some of that work forward.

No meeting next week because of Thanksgiving in the US! Enjoy your weekend all, and if in the US, happy Thanksgiving!