OpenWrt Meeting - November 14, 2014

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Attendees: Eric Schultz, Felix Fietkau

  • Discussed thoughts on recommendations for compliance with FCC rules on locking down 5ghz Wifi devices
  • Explanation of how OpenWrt protects the regulatory DB
    • Does not use CRDA
    • OpenWrt regulatory DB is compiled into kernel
    • Only way to modify DB is rebuild entire kernel
    • Significantly more difficult for user to work around than CRDA
  • Felix feels that if the protection is too intrusive, users will figure out a way to bypass it and the protection will be rendered meaningless.

  • EEPROM for country code might be effective solution for deciding country code but not reliable right now
    • Multiple companies use identical country codes regardless ofwhere the device will be sold and expect the kernel to make the final decision
    • Felix has had to work around this in the past since EEPROMs often don't have the correct country set.

  • prpl Stamp
    • Felix recommnds a requirement of all drivers being open sourced and upstreamed
    • Perhaps multiple stamps, one for open source drivers but closed associated software and one for no closed software running on processor?
    • Router vendors should be educated on the advantages of open source drivers and software

  • Upstreaming drivers (Felix)
    • Non-upstreamed drivers are extremely difficult for OpenWrt to maintain long term
    • Drivers need to come from manufacturer and be upstreamed and maintained if OpenWrt can use them.
    • There needs to be a focus on creating drivers that work well for embedded devices and which are updated and maintained over time
      • Embedded vendors can't view responsibility to devices as ending once the device is sold, the drivers need to work well and be maintained and updated over time