OpenWrt Meeting - May 8, 2015

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Attendees: Hauke Mehrtens, Charlie, Art, Eric

Hauke recently joined Lantiq and wanted to check in on the prplwrt meeting.

Hauke, Charlie and Eric all discussing how to manage forks of OpenWrt. There's common interest in finding best practices on this.

Eric finished his FCC blog post and sent to EFF. He's waiting on approval form them

Art said Cavium and ITIS conversations going. ITUS finished work that Cavium started and will be upstreaming the work to OpenWrt. prpl may be distributing a number of the ITUS test platforms to OpenWrt developers. ITUS Network's Shield device uses OpenWrt, Snort and other security tools to improve network security.

Charlie said he and other Qualcomm folks will be at the Maker Fair Bay Area with the new DragonBoard 410c.