OpenWrt Meeting - May 29, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Kathy, Art


  • Some documentation related activity this week; progressing (slowly). Fortunately lots of interest. Key question is where to start/focus initially.
  • Deriving a prpl process for creating new PEGs.
  • Didn't find anyone on mailing list who knew someone at FireWrt so he will reach out.
  • Will send a survey soon for finding time for next global prplWrt ecosystem meeting.



  • Follow-up from security working group interest received during Imagination Summit event
  • Several new prpl member leads
  • Board meeting went well. Tweaks to the by-laws approved. Minutes to be published by next week.



  • Getting closer to getting our board farm automated test scripts approved so we can host the project (on github most likely) and invite everyone to participate and take advantage of it for better OpenWrt regression testing (and even for remotely sharing access to hardware)
  • Been watching Luis R tackle kernel framework for signed firmware packages -- good stuff, applicable to help satisfy new FCC restrictions?
  • Suggested to Eric and Art that we invite community and industry speakers to offer presentations on topics of interest (what they are working on) similar to what the security & virtualization PEG has been doing. Send Eric your ideas for presentations (that you can give or that you want to hear).