OpenWrt Meeting - May 1, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Mathieu, Kathy, Charlie, Art

Matheiu – continues working on IPQ806x. Helped Jonas get OpenWrt working, even on an IPQ platform with an old bootloader. Not too many platforms yet, but more are coming. Now Mathieu can boot an OpenWrt image with 3.18 or 4.0 kernel images on Netgear R7500. Working on adding PCIe support next. Looking into GMAC update to the existing ST Micro kernel driver.

Eric – OpenWrt documentation proposal e-mailed out. Forum post found interested participants (already other forum chatter in that area). Enthusiastic response. Mathieu wrote some docs for himself and his colleagues in early days, and although they may be old, he is willing to share with Eric. Eric not exactly sure how to organize and coordinate, but would request volunteers to take on certain areas of responsibility. For starters, need a to-do list. Gives people who want to help an idea of where to begin, what’s lacking. Build system internals are tricky for beginners. Navigating configs and adding platforms can be hard to understand. Interdependencies of packages is also tricky. Adding brand new target harder than adding derivative platforms that follow an existing target. Organize content so that commercial entities can point to it for how it relates to their products? Eric also finishing his blog post which discusses the FCC restrictions and guesses what manufacturers are going to do.

Art – reached out to Cavium and ITUS Networks to see if they are interested in joining the prplwrt and security PEGs. Trying to get meetings setup with OEMs to introduce them to prpl. Imagination Summit May 21 – security presentation is at 2:15pm. Lots of press and blog opportunities.

Charlie – wants to create an OpenWrt build for the new Qualcomm Dragonboard that is coming soon (410c). Working on LTE module integration with OpenWrt.