OpenWrt Meeting - March 6, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Kathy, Mathieu

Eric: Talked with Ranga about plans for the hackathon, not much happened yet. Also contacted Felix on suggestions for core team members to invite. Kathy suggested that we could have a half hour hangout with core team members as part of the the hackathon.

Mostly worked on a detailed prpl Stamp document which he'll send to Art this weekend and then out to the members after that. Kathy mentioned she'd send it out to retail router vendors who want to sell to the open source and maker community.

Mathieu: Worked on integrating Qualcomm's reference platform with He will be sending a big patch set but the whole process may take a while.

Kathy: Not much on OpenWrt but she will invite Mike Anderson next week. He'll be able to talk about the board farm software for testing OpenWrt. The software should be close to release.