OpenWrt Meeting - March 20, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Charlie, Art, Kathy

Eric sent a note to the OpenWrt-hackers mailing list asking who is interested in attending the April 18 security/hackathon. Let him know if you are interested.,-2015

Art announced the kick-off meeting for new virtualization-security PEG. It will be 10am PT Monday, March 23 at the Imagination office in Santa Clara. Contact Art or Eric for more details in this new PEG.

Eric has been researching Linux regulatory. It is tricky to understand. He will help document what he figures out to help others. The wireless wiki info is a bit out of date since Seth Forshee took over from John Linville:

Luis Rodriguez would be a good person for Eric to talk to on this subject.

Don't forget to offer your free/busy input if you want to partake in the next global prplwrt hangout event: