OpenWrt Meeting - March 13, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Kathy, Mathieu, Charlie

Mathieu "happily giving back" Olivari: looking into netdev switch framework for QCA switch drivers but kernel implementation not as software friendly as OpenWrt's swconfig implementation. Has also looked into flash partitioning, NOR flash, etc. and will be pushing more and more code to the Linux kernel and OpenWrt. There are some issues with the kernel PCIe driver for IPQ806x chip. Lots still to do for vanilla OpenWrt support of QCA's latest chipsets.

Charlie "Open PLC Toolkit" Maier: working on the integration of Qualcomm's LTE modules with OpenWrt-based router build, for WWAN support. And still does PLC stuff.

Eric: Art/Eric explained prpl Foundation to Technicolor (who use and appreciate OpenWrt). They like the idea of an industry foundation to raise visibility and offer greater support to the project. Hoping Technicolor will join. We should find more companies who take advantage of OpenWrt for their product development and invite them to join prpl. Tell Eric if you know companies to target.

Mike "stats" Anderson: great at stats analysis of server logs or test data or whatever. We discussed how statistics might help OpenWrt show off its popularity better to rally more industry support. Could show quantity of downloads (src/binaries), # of unique visitors, or whatever the core OpenWrt team would like to analyze and optionally share.

Hackathon April 18:,-2015 (Reach out to Eric if you are an OpenWrt core team member and would like to attend. We might also host a special 1/2 hour Google Hangouts session to discuss and summarize key takeaways from the event.)

Battlemesh v8: They are looking for sponsorships.

New virtualization-security PEG announced:

Just plain fun: prplWrt SF Bay Area happy hour March 31 with a visiting core OpenWrt member. :) Contact Kathy if you'd like more information and directions.

Original Notes from Eric:

Mathieu and Kathy: Release of the build and test scripts should be soon. Still tracking that down.

Mathieu's working on switching, primarily on netdev.

  • Right now switch feature doesn't work right with Qualcomm chips. Has issues with some basic scenarios.
  • Talking with maintainers to find a solution.
  • Also going to push flash support for IPQ to OpenWrt

Continued discussion on number of folks using and OpenWrt-based firmware. Qualcomm has folks who'd like to help process and analyze data from if they're interested. Could analyze things like how many pulls from the primary Git repo, how many binaries are downloaded for each router models, etc.

Talked about SF hackathon:

Art approved travel costs for an interested team member. Eric will contact the hackers list next week to gauge interest.

Kathy said she will definitely be there as will some Qualcomm security folks.

Once we have a blurb and a web page for information on the hackathon, Kathy will have appropriate teams contact retail and enterprise router and device partners to encourage their attendance at the hackathon

Charlie is working on LTE support.

Kathy is submitting a talk to conference in October about open source and upstreaming.