OpenWrt Meeting - June 19, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Art, Paul Sherwood, Kathy


  • Driving the OpenWrt documentation improvement program, starting with the "new walk thru" idea. Help people new to OpenWrt orient themselves.
  • Next global sync is Wednesday, June 24 at 9am pacific (6pm CEST) -- please contact Eric for the invite. Also contact Eric if you are interested in making a presentation on some relevant OpenWrt topic that might be interesting to everyone
  • Beginning to investigate ELCE for the fall -- can prpl help organize an OpenWrt mini-summit for example
  • Wants to discuss developers and companies who maintain OpenWrt "flavors" -- what are the challenges and benefits, and how can we make it easier for people to maintain their own flavor without having to do too much maintenance. Contact Eric if you do something like this.


  • Meeting with ITUS Networks about the Cavium Octeon 3 platform that might make a good developer board for OpenWrt.
  • Security PEG going well -- hosting a 2-day session with the security PEG chairs next week to get core documentation and additional planning details in order
  • Want to be flexible in encouraging new members to join since small companies can bring a lot of value (note that individuals can join for free)
  • Large companies should join at highest level possible to help fund valuable participation from smaller companies and individuals

Paul Sherwood - Codethink -

  • Clued into the value of open source software and interested in OpenWrt and Security PEGs at prpl
  • Has participated for many years in Genivi Alliance
  • Also interested in test automation -- key to efficient code development and maintenance is test automation


  • Getting further along in approval process for opening up QCA test automation framework for prpl/OpenWrt use
  • Want to setup test framework externally so that we can get more QCA-based reference designs and OEM platforms fully supported by OpenWrt trunk, and catch regressions before they are propagated
  • Interested in the OpenWrt flavors discussion, but need Mathieu back from family leave (late July) to participate in the deep dive