OpenWrt Meeting - July 24, 2015

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Attendees: Mathieu, Art, Paul, Kathy


  • prpl board meeting in August
  • some new members joining
  • having a discussion with Cavium to understand their plans for OpenWrt
  • sponsoring Battlemesh v8
  • sponsoring OpenWrt Summit, likely the day after ELCE (will be free to attend)


  • back from nice break
  • working on IPQ806x platform and driver support, pushing to OpenWrt
  • will propose a talk for the Summit


  • posted ideas for Genivi -- may be overlap for prpl and OpenWrt -
  • has had a couple talks accepted for ELCE, so he will be attending
  • which OEMs want to allow OpenWrt developers to have access to their boards? (and install them into a board farm for continuous testing)?
  • will there be any hesitation regarding who has access to semiconductor company reference designs or commercial hardware? (hopefully not, but need to be prepared to address such questions)


  • will work on getting QCA hardware to be installed in board farms


  • Eric sent out proposed list of topics for OpenWrt Summit
  • for monthly global sync, maybe find a better time than Europe evening? hard to get EU participation if too late in the evening
  • perhaps also coordinate a few IRC meetings or channels? (easier for international communications; also can snatch a log of the discussion)