OpenWrt Meeting - January 30, 2015

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Attendees: Charles, Mathieu, Alan, Art, Eric

Activity reports:

Mathieu Olivari: Sent patches to OpenWrt that will permit core features to be replaced

Charlie Maier: Continuing to integrate GobiNet/LTE on OpenWrt. Gave brief summary of why Art Swift is interested in having us talk to Law firms

Alan Timms: Focused on security issues; Trying to catch up.

Art Swift: Tremendous interest by PRPL members in virtualization for security purposes.There will be a meeting in a few weeks on February 5th. Placed Kathy in touch with a Security expert and hopes Kath will invite to Global OpenWrt.

Eric Schultz: Working on patch for package OpenWrt.

Topics for next weeks meeting: Google Summer of Code, Budgets for Hackathons, Virtualization