OpenWrt Meeting - January 23, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Charlie, Kathy, Art

Kudos to Eric who developed a tutorial to help new folks build OpenWrt packages. Kathy is going to point Sputnik to it and ask them to try it out for building the Sputnik Agent daemon on OpenWrt and then provide feedback. It explains how to create a simple package, and not skip important steps, to improve consistency across all packages. Fill in the meta tags for example, they are useful. (Don't skip the sw license tag.)

Charlie suggested that someone could write a little script that points out flaws in a new package. Today likely manual check is done by whomever is reviewing it.

Upcoming conferences. Let us all know if you will be at one of these:

Doodle for the next global prpl/OpenWrt meeting is open – please enter your optimum time slots of availability Also send agenda topics to Eric.

Via Eric's initiative and Art's help, a Cyber security law firm was queried about the new FCC certification regulations – they are offering a bit of pro bono work to prpl to analyze them.

Eric developing a hackathon survey to send out – first question is regarding what topics to cover. Send Eric your thoughts. Once we agree on some topics, Eric will send out the survey and include additional questions to figure out where and when the next event should take place. Feel free to send him your ideas directly. Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) – is something we should take advantage of to help fund hackathon travel. Greg K-H says that OpenWrt is the perfect type of project they want to fund with CII budget.