OpenWrt Meeting - February 20, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Mathieu, Kathy, Ian Oliver, Art, Charles

Eric opened meeting. For OpenWrt, Eric mostly worked on the DNS\migration issues this week and sent out the survey results to the list.

Matheiu said Netdev was very relevant and focused, next year it's in Spain. Kathy agreed: she feels netdev has more kernel development, wireless, switches work while ELCE has more userspace focus.

Matheiu is trying to get working on IPQ. He's submitted patches to fix reset and add an ethernet interface as well as booting from the AP148 reference design.

Kathy asks which patches go to kernel and go to OpenWrt. Matheiu said many patches were submitted to kernel but weren't accepted fully or through the process. Those were sent to OpenWrt before inclusion in kernel.

Art says IMG has resources to help with kernel work for prpl and OpenWrt.

Discussion about how companies, prpl and community should interact regarding hardware support, resources and submitting to OpenWrt and other distros. Art feels this relates to prpl Stamp program.

Discussion about Xenomai running on a Qualcomm MIPS board.

Charlie is working on GOBINET integration. Looking to get OpenWrt running on IPC5410(not sure model), a high end hobbyist board.

Art said that the Elliptic CTO, Mike Borza, is going to co-chair the Security PEG.