OpenWrt Meeting - December 4, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Hauke, Kathy


Board Farm

  • Good interest in board farm kick-off meeting.
    • Scheduled for December 15 at 10AM PT / 6PM UTC.
    • Please e-mail Eric if you are interested in attending.
  • Do we need another name for this project of affiliated board farmers? Board co-op?
  • Need to figure out how to manage several board farms and tie results together


  • Got firmware binary out for Lantiq DSL chip -- distributed under same license as Intel Wi-Fi firmware.
  • Lantiq SDK based on a fork of OpenWrt; trying to give back to the community now.
  • Drivers mostly open source (GPL and BSD licensed)


  • Imre shared an idea on using public key stored in flash or trust zone or other protected space to improve protection of Wi-Fi regulatory compliance (e.g., FCC). Goal is to be compliant with regulatory limits while keeping the rest of the platform open, upgradeable, and re-writeable. Thanks Imre!
  • QCA has added testing of OpenWrt trunk in our board farm. We flash one of our core MIPS-based reference designs with trunk daily. Now we need to add testing of more platforms. :)