OpenWrt Meeting - December 10, 2014

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Monthly prplwrt meeting[edit]

Attendees: Kathy Giori, Dave Taht, Felix Fietkau, Mathieu Olivari, Matthew McClintock, Luka Perkov, Eric Schultz, Ranga Krishnan

Individual Updates[edit]

Kathy Giori: Discussed her work at Qualcomm on making more relevant hardware documentation available for the OpenWrt and Linux Wireless communities

Ranga Krishnan: Starting a company to create routers shipping with the distribution of OpenWrt

Dave Taht: CeroWrt is more legacy now as it’s solved many of the problems (Bufferbloat, etc) it was created to solve. New effort is around the "making-wifi-fast" effort.

Mathieu Olivari: Working on merging more of the internal Qualcomm build of the kernel with upstream OpenWrt earlier in their development process.

Matthew McClintock: With Mathieu, discussed Qualcomm’s work to open source their internal build farm testing system for OpenWrt. Will require some rewriting internally before it can be released publicly.

Luka Perkov: Merged support for containers into OpenWrt. Waiting on a patch to LXC for official support for OpenWrt

Felix Fietkau: Discussed his work on the fully open Mediatek 802.11ac Wifi drivers

Eric Schultz: Discussed work on adding a search for packages based on license, looking at creating a tutorial on how to add support for new devices (which Felix volunteered to help advise) and mentioned that a TSC representative election would be held soon.

Topics Discussed[edit]

FCC: There was a discussion of the role of prpl and the prplwrt PEG as it relates to the FCC policy on 5Ghz Wifi security. There was general agreement that prplwrt should work collaboratively with the FCC on developing a recommendation.

Switches: Mathieu and Felix will be collaborating on work Qualcomm is doing on switch software which will be contributed upstream

Conference/Hackathon: Agreement from all that an OpenWrt hackathon or conference would be very beneficial for building the OpenWrt community. Subtopics that were discussed included:

  • Location: Recommendation that it occur in China, due to the number of routers including OpenWrt being developed and shipped from there, or the US.
  • Content: Have a morning of talks by core OpenWrt folks about best practices for participating in OpenWrt, keeping up to date with the latest version in products and news about upcoming features followed by an afternoon of hacking, group discussion, etc.
  • Scheduling: One suggestion was to piggyback on ELC

Length of monthly meeting: Everyone agreed that scheduling a full 60 minutes is better than 30 since we took almost an entire hour as is :)