Prplwrt Meeting - August 8, 2014

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Attendees: Eric Schultz, Ian Oliver, Graham Whaley, Matthew McClintock, Kathy Giori

Eric Schultz – leads weekly discussions

Item 1. Describe the mission. Mainly focused on fostering better corporate/community relations through more intimate collaboration, to produce more win-win results.

Comments on specific goals:

  • OpenWrt core developers would like to see prpl come up with a list of priorities. List of tasks for OpenWrt improvements to engage with the community on – large tasks that are better handled collaboratively than handled by an individual or single company.
  • Vendor hardware program. Commercial and semiconductor company reference designs (especially ones with more developer ports/options exposed) can be provided to the OpenWrt community.
  • Recommended developer platforms. What to use for what types of purposes, which have best support, which are easy to purchase.
  • Test program. Automated tests applied to board farms with various “supported” hardware platforms. Run periodically (daily? weekly?) and push results to a mailing list.
  • Face to face meetings. Build better relations with the community and other entities with similar goals such as EFF (security and privacy).
  • Code collaboration. Separate staging repository? Put a repo on github? Requires a maintainer. IMG is doing that with QEMU currently. Goal is to keep patches small, maintain any branch as close to upstream as possible. What small feature can be used to test such a process?
  • Pain points. List of areas that make it difficult for commercial companies to use OpenWrt. For example, improving the build system (too complex).
  • Community. What things can prpl do to benefit the community? How can prpl member companies help make OpenWrt better in general? How can prpl help the OpenWrt distribution better support commercial company needs: for example, easier sw integration, better build and test infrastructure, etc.

Item 2. Member interest.

Please reply back to the distribution list if you are interested in the OpenWrt PEG. Comments on specific goals welcome.


Eric – craft mission statement

IMG and QCA – recommend at least one developer platform by next week

Eric – connect with Amit regarding prpl summit to coincide with LinuxCon/ELCE/LPC in October (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Kathy – ask Felix if interest in participating in this weekly call (or at least ask if we can put him on the mailing list)