OpenWrt Meeting - August 7, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Mathieu, Hauke, Zoltan, Kathy, Paul, Art

OpenWrt Summit - October 8, day after ELCE Accepting proposals and we need more! Deadline August 28!

Hoping to see 50 or so attendees. About half of submissions so far not from prpl nor are core OpenWrt developers, so we'll have a nice mix of people. We *really* want the core team to be there.

Travel assistance available for speakers who need it.

If you work on OpenWrt in a company/corporation and would like to take part in a panel discussion to describe issues you face with OpenWrt integration internally, contact me (Kathy) as I'm thinking of hosting a panel discussion on this topic.

prpl sponsored Battlemesh v8 this year, and hoping some folks will learn about the Summit during that event. Eric discussing idea of recording the sessions (talking to the guy doing it for Battlmesh). Live streaming ideas =>,, but most important thing is to record it.

FCC idea to lock down platforms from reflash of OpenWrt causing a stir. Eric therefore setup a mailing list on prpl servers: This topic highlighted by Simon Wunderlich at Battlemesh. Groups to help lobby on behalf of software openness: ARRL, EFF, SFLC, FSF, OpenWrt

Zoltan -- FCC discussion is of interest to him. Curious on OpenWrt's behalf.

Risk is that FCC blocks after-market software reflash. Would strangle markets of products like Omega Onion, Linino platforms (Arduino Yun), 8 devices (Carambola 8).

Current perception from retail Wi-Fi routers is that the platforms must be locked down starting in 2016.

How does this affect Wi-Fi enabled laptops and any aftermarket OS software placed on devices?

Let's see what happens after all these powerful groups speak up. Everyone interested should join the mailing list and contribute ideas on the wiki: