Prplwrt Meeting - August 29, 2014

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Attendees: Ian, Kathy


ELCE - need to propose session track topics asap. Ideas:

  • Intro to prpl's OpenWrt PEG - industry and community collaboration
  • IMG has a new MIPS SDK - launching mid to late September - re-announce it during a session track? Plan to have a staging area on prpl eventually, but won't be ready by Oct.
  • QEMU - push onto prpl happening now... so another good choice for a session track (would it be exciting enough for Linux crowd?)
  • Last two combined? Too early for either? Too MIPS focused or so what, the world needs MIPS too?

Big response to the CI20 blog:

QCA + IMG -- follow-on prpl dev board idea -- target a new MIPS-based dev board with better CPU and integrated Wi-Fi. Take a big step up from existing QCA MIPS SoCs, both CPU and Wi-Fi (11ac). QCA offers benefit of upstream Wi-Fi driver support.

Embedded Linux distro (such as OpenWrt) idea needing containers: Networking IoE hub with a small tablet-sized, low-cost display screen. Project a dedicated HTML5 browser on the screen, powered by applications. Technologies of use:

  • node.js
  • FirefoxOS
  • other?

Should we fund a new OpenWrt server? Would be a nice gesture. Need to be wary of long-term OpenWrt developer politics - don't want to be seen as taking sides, so be sure to do things beneficial to all. If prpl buys and "owns" the server, but allows others to run it, would that suffice? Or do we need to officially donate it? And does OpenWrt have an official way to donate stuff to it?