OpenWrt Meeting - August 28, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Hauke, Kathy

Eric - lots of OpenWrt Summit coordination activity lately. Registration form is ready, look for link soon.

  • plenty of presentation entries now :)
  • Eric will send e-mail to accepted presenters next week.
  • Since we have more submissions than time available, those submissions not accepted for a standard (30-60 min) presentation, will be offered the opportunity to participate in a lightning talk session in the afternoon. Lightning talks offer people about 3-5 minutes each, to introduce your expertise or concerns. Then like-minded individuals can find you at the end-of-day networking party to continue the dialog.
  • Art wants to spend more budget for the event, so lunch and the after event networking happy hour will be included :)
  • Good news -- we will be live streaming (and recording) the event!
  • ELCE hotel block discount ends Sept 2 -- so reserve soon


  • need to combat their proposal to lock down platform software
  • difficult to be quantitative on the business impact, since we don't have explicit tracking of how many businesses produce aftermarket software solutions using OpenWrt or other embedded, but open source distros
  • maybe get some download statistics from the OpenWrt build server?
  • maybe estimate WISP and Wi-Fi hot spot service industry revenue and assume 90% of that market would be negatively impacted?
  • also negatively affected are IoT/IoE emerging businesses and the Maker community; many products depend on OpenWrt-based builds (e.g.,

  • if you want to share blog-like content or refer to other sites, great, we want to post lots of prpl pertinent original or linked content there


  • still waiting to see OpenWrt CC final version released, but it should be soon

Board farm launch!

  • the long-awaited release of QCA's board farm test scripts are now hosted as an open source project on github, maintained by Michael Anderson (QCA)
  • go check it out and start using/contributing:
  • if you want reference design hardware to host in a board farm setup, ask me (kathy) and I'll bring some to the Summit or ship it to you
  • next step would be to solicit hardware from OEMs for hosting in a board farm
  • maybe we can get prpl to set one up too...