OpenWrt Meeting - August 21, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Mathieu, Steven, Kathy, James, Art


  • OpenWrt Summit -- Oct 8
    • several proposals coming in recently, or should be coming in
    • still welcome more submissions
    • core team members coming, so it should be really good, and optimal "networking" with the core
    • talks for newbies also welcome: how OpenWrt is used, packaging, etc.
    • submission deadline Friday, August 28
    • Gregers will help review submissions
    • with ELCE registration, can add OpenWrt Summit to your registration ticket. But Summit-only attendance is also possible, and it's free** this separate registration page should be available soon
  • prplwrt monthly hangout: Eric will organize another doodle-scheduled monthly hangout in Sept
  • FCC discussions with EFF, to prepare a joint letter regarding importance of keeping software on platforms open for development, research, and innovation. Don't want FCC restrictions to block changing, updating, adding software on top of or instead of what the OEM sells. This is true not just for Wi-Fi routers but for any computing device with Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • prpl and member companies should submit a separate letter about our concerns
    • deadline is Sept 8 for comment submissions. Some large organizations have asked for an extension, but no guarantee that one will be granted.
  • Art, Cesare, and Eric have enabled a new site called prplworks.
    • check it out
    • can submit posts thru Eric or directly
    • PEG leaders can be content drivers for the important topics of the PEG
  • Steven
    • been looking at and adding security issues again
    • added features for stack protection, proper address space layout
    • these changes make it harder to make trouble even if some exploit exists
    • most of his changes already available in trunk (been there for a few weeks or months)
    • one or two open things to tackle; OpenWrt DD will have these new security capabilities (not in CC)
    • OpenWrt CC not yet final, but getting there (since seems pretty stable)** just waiting for final build
    • still involved in IETF and networking stuff
  • Mathieu
    • IPQ8064 submissions to OpenWrt; support for AP148
    • Submissions from Jonas for R7500 (Netgear), which is also IPQ8064 based** unfortunately 5GHz not avail (closed driver)
    • EA8500 has IPQ8064, so can be another off-the-shelf platform that could be supported by OpenWrt and both radios are ath10k supported so both will work
    • Need to make tweaks to device tree and flash mechanisms, but then other elements should be fairly straightforward