Prplwrt Meeting - August 15, 2014

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Attendees: Ian, Graham, Mathieu, Kathy


  • Eric has posted the call-in information to the mailing list.
  • Please contact Kathy to get an invite to this call that will drop into your calendar as a reminder.
  • We hope to drop the call frequency to once per month when the forum and e-mail communication methods seem to be effective for replacing much of what we discuss over a live call. And Friday evening EU isn't ideal, so we should look for a ½ hour slot some other day.
  • How about same time except on Wed at 8:30am PST?
  • Mission statement: once voting is done via the mailing list, and we have a blurb approved, we will forward to Felix and have him share it with the OpenWrt community for feedback before posting to the prpl web site.


  • Need insight from Amit on coordination with Linux Foundation for hosting prpl OpenWrt summit at LinuxCon/ELCE in October.
  • LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ELC Europe 2014, Monday, October 13, 2014 - Wednesday, October 15, 2014 (followed same place by LPC 13-17 Oct)
  • [I have a registration for LinuxCon but not ELCE - will either conf registration work for the prpl summit or only one or the other?]

Developer platforms

  • Recommendations for networking platforms - will look into Compex (flexible dev boards) and TP-Link (cheap and well-supported by OpenWrt, including upstream Wi-Fi)

OpenWrt infrastructure

  • Maybe have prpl pay monthly server hosting fees in exchange for showing sponsorship on the web site? Similar concept occurred when IMG helped to fund server hosting of [which also has some useful product info, although needs update in some areas to include some of the newest MIPS chips and corresponding OEM platforms: ]
  • For this idea, we should find out who is currently administering the various web and build servers and work with those OpenWrt developers directly.

Development ideas

  • Need a lead for each activity - identify yourself! And post the idea on the wiki and/or the mailing list to initiate discussion.