OpenWrt Meeting - April 3, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Mathieu, Kathy


Eric and Imre will attend hackathon April 18. Eric will be meeting with Matthew Garrett the night before to discuss boot security and FCC security.

Eric researched Linux regulatory and wrote an analysis to the wiki. Would be good to know how many drivers use it vs doing regulatory in proprietary firmware.

Luka Perkov was in the Bay Area earlier this week – was nice to have him explain some of his interesting work. When ODM/OEMs take advantage of OpenWrt as a baseline embedded Linux distribution for building the firmware for their commercial products, then it will be easier for value-add ecosystem companies to show ODM/OEMs how to integrate the extra software into those products.

Mathieu submitted patches for USB support to IPQ yesterday. Still waiting for DSA patches to be approved internally so that they can be posted externally.