OpenWrt Meeting - April 24, 2015

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Attendees: Eric, Felix, Mathieu, Kathy, Charlie, Art

Mathieu working on IPQ806x patches into OpenWrt. PCIe and NAND drivers are areas of focus. Reference platforms are AP148, DB149.

Felix noted that internal build rc1 ready and available soon for CC. He finished package signing, which will be part of CC. It should be seamless, with two public keys, one for the main snapshot and one for your build dir (there will be a default but you can put your own in there). We are hoping Felix will write up some documentation on this new functionality. ;)

Eric had a great time at the hackathon. Imre Kaloz (OpenWrt core team) visited and contributed insight on how best to work within the OpenWrt community as well as learned more about the image that the OpenWrt project exerts from "the outside" -- for example, from the perspective of the open wireless project. Ranga Krishnan was one of the main coordinators of the "open wireless" development part of the hackathon, and Jasper Van Woudenberg was one of the main coordinators of the security analysis part. Kathy, Cesare Garlati, and Dave Taht also attended. Eric gave a brief presentation on the new FCC regulations and is planning a joint blog post with the EFF. Many smart people in one place.

Charlie asked to look into a means for developers to estimate how much memory their build will consume on a platform (flash space). Tricky to predict. Also would be nice to estimate amount of RAM consumed as well as CPU utilization based on included packages. Mathieu wrote a script to display packages in a build profile. Perhaps can be extended with these estimates so that totals can be derived. Kathy wants to see package license displayed in that spreadsheet too.

Art invites everyone to register/join the Imagination Summit on May 21, since prpl will be presenting. Imagination Technologies Annual Customer Summit event registration here: