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1. Title: Integration of Internet Access Scheduling page in Luci interface for CC and DD. Many commercial routers come with firmware that provides a way to schedule Internet access based on device. It often used as a form of parental control, i.e. setting up a time when a specific person should not have access to Internet.

2. Summary description of the problem to be solved and reason why it should be solved. This feature exists already for earlier versions of openwrt, specifically BB. The github account mentions it has been tested on CC but it appears it still needs some work, mainly organizing directories before it can be submitted.

3. Describe your approach to solve the problem. Code exists here: But appears to have been abandoned 5-6 months ago. The main benefit to openwrt for adding this functionality that because it exists in commercial router firmware now it is one more reason to use openwrt in general. The feature itself is one the is desirable to the general public, not just power users and developers.

This proposed solution is to modify as needed to work with trunk (DD) and organize the code in such a way that it can be submitted to be included in the main repositories. The scope of this project would include compatibility testing, debugging and fixes as needed in both CC and DD before submitting. Because it is a function that is useful to the general openwrt community, submitting to the main trunk is a priority.

The code would be setup for CC first, then tested, then submitted for inclusion in the main CC repo. Then the same thing for DD/Trunk. All code will be published using the Apache 2 licence.

4. Timeline for implementation Expected timeline for CC and DD is 12 days each, 24 days total to allow sufficient time for testing, potential debugging, fixes and submitting finished code for inclusion in main repos.

5. Fixed-fee budget Expected budget for each release (CC and DD) is $500, for a total of $1000.