OpenWrt Funding/ Update Target Patch for Anonabox Pro to OpenWrt Trunk

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OpenWrt Funding/ Update Target Patch for Anonabox Pro to OpenWrt Trunk

1. Title: Add new target hardware support to trunk for Anonabox Pro, a variation of the Atheros ap143 reference board design with proper gpio mapping and kernel support for led lights and usb drive. The device uses the Qualcom qca9531 Soc.

2. Summary description of the problem to be solved and reason why it should be solved: A patch exists for a specific version of Chaos Calmer currently reviewable here: The patch file is named anonabox_pro.patch but it does not work with the current DD trunk because of revisions to the filesystem that have taken place since. For this reason it does not meet the criteria for inclusion in trunk. Among other things, the kernel for ar71xx has been updated, which means that this target hardware is not available in trunk for developers.

3. Describe your approach to solve the problem. We would review the existing patch an update it with correct syntax to be functional with dd trunk and submit for merge so that developers can have access to this target. This includes the usb port for peripheral devices such as usb thumb drives, gpio mapping for led lights and wifi uplink functionality. Project scope includes tests of the compile process, updating to allow flashed routers to accept future updates and testing on physical hardware. Once testing is complete the firmware would be submitted to beta testers before submission to trunk for merge. Using the original patch file, the changes will be converted to actual changes to the code so it can be properly and cleanly merged with trunk rather than having it as a separate .patch file. All code will be published using the Apache 2 and relevant OpenWRT licences. Upon completion, examples of target hardware including serial cable connectors will be donated to prpl project for further testing and development.

4. Timeline for implementation: Projected timeline for code is 2 weeks for initial coding and internal testing, then 2 weeks for submission to external beta testers and final revisions. Updated code should be ready for submission to prplproject and openwrt trunk after 4 weeks.

5. Fixed-fee budget; Expected budget is $500.00

screenshot of existing target patch: File:Https://