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OpenWrt funding proposal: TR-069 client implementation

TR-069 is being used by many ISPs to remotely manage a large number of CPEs. OpenWrt currently does not have an implementation that integrates well and is flexible enough to cover typical use cases.

I propose building an implementation that integrates well with OpenWrt and is split into two different parts:

The frontend handles the TR-069 protocol that allows an ACS to configure it.

The backend will be protocol agnostic and bridges the gap between OpenWrt core components, such as uci, netifd, ubus, etc. and can be used to export objects that fit into the data model of TR-069, TR-098, etc. The backend will also be reusable to implement other protocols such as SNMP or NETCONF in the future, making it a good fit for medium to small scale usage in non-ISP environments as well.

The mapping between OpenWrt and the frontend data model will be defined through JSON files that are dynamic enough to build a suitable abstraction layer without having to write a lot of code.

To integrate it in OpenWrt, only very few lines of code in the core need to be changed, the rest is provided as a separate package.

The code will be released under GPL v2.

I believe this software will make it easier for ISPs, and chipset/router vendors to integrate OpenWrt. It will certainly be useful to several prpl members.