OpenWrt Funding/Port obfsclient and liballium packages

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OpenWrt Funding/Port obfsclient and liballium packages

1. Title: obfsclient is a C++ obfs2/3 pluggable transport client managed by Tor as a ClientTransportPlugin. It is available currently for Linux and BSD.

2. Summary description of the problem to be solved and reason why it should be solved: Although it is highly desireable to have obfsclient functionality as a compliment to a Tor proccess running on a router there is no current implementation available in OpenWRT.

3. Describe your approach to solve the problem. Port both obfsclient and liballium and the relevant dependencies to a new feed, create relevant makefile to compile the packages and add them to openwrt images using make menuconfig just like any other networking package. Sourcecode for Linux and BSD version is available online here: Testing and possible addition of scramblesuit protocol in addition to obfs 2 and obfs3 functionality. Feed will be published to github for testing initially and then formatted for inclusion in default feeds for trunk.

4. Timeline for implementation: Projected timeline for code is 2 weeks for initial coding and internal testing, then 2 weeks for submission to external beta testers and final revisions. Updated code should be ready for submission to prplproject and openwrt trunk after 4 weeks.

5. Fixed-fee budget; Expected budget is $1500.00