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The mission of the prplwrt PEG is to enable close collaboration between users, hardware manufacturers, semiconductor companies, and the broader OpenWrt ecosystem in a community-run fashion. The focus of the technology enhancements are centered around creating a robust, flexible open source platform suitable for mission critical, highly reliable products. We encourage innovation and applicability to a wide variety of hardware platforms.

prpl endorses OpenWrt and endeavors to support the OpenWrt community.

How to get involved[edit]

Get involved in prplwrt by visiting

OpenWrt Summit 2016[edit]

The OpenWrt Summit 2016 sponsored by prpl is being held October 13, in conjunction with ELCE/OpenIoT in Berlin, Germany.

The site planning options were: venue options »

OpenWrt Funding Proposals[edit]

prpl Foundation is offering OpenWrt developers an opportunity to submit OpenWrt enhancement ideas to be funded by prpl Foundation and its members.
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Success Factors Leading to Positive Industry and Community Collaboration[edit]

Here are a few important “warm and fuzzy” aspects of industry and community interaction:

  • open, frequent communications
  • clearly identified goals that are in common
  • means to funnel industry resources and funds into community hands
  • ability to meet key stakeholders face-to-face at conferences and industry events
  • willingness to share source code and enhancements
  • win-win mindset
  • development of a trusting relationship first, then take advantage of the collaboration to change the project together in ways that benefit all

Here are a few important technical requirements for successful industry and community collaboration:

  • industry must take an active role in "giving back", that is, to make sure source code updates are pushed to the community project directly, not maintained only as patches or as a dead-end fork or ongoing separate branch of the project
  • industry needs to provide any special tools needed to compile or load images on their platforms, and to debug and fix problems with those images
  • industry needs to provide hardware and software documentation whenever new hardware, tools, and source code are released
  • ideally, industry should provide new hardware samples to the community to enable broader testing, to improve overall project integration, and to support ongoing maintenance and regression testing of that hardware

Key documents[edit]