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Mailing lists are the main discussion mechanism for the PEGs. Historically, mailing lists are the main discussion mechanism for open source projects. While limited in many ways, no tool has replaced them for general discussion. In prpl PEGs, mailing lists are used in the following ways:

Mailing lists, except for the private mailing lists used for adding or removing PEG committers, are open to anyone and publicly archived. NOTE: Pseudonyms are okay.

When should you use them?[edit]


  • you want to discuss the features

When shouldn't you use them?[edit]


  • you're unsure or have a question about how to use prpl software - Use the forums
  • you want to report a bug - Use the issue tracker

prpl Mailing Lists[edit]

prpl uses mailing lists in a variety of ways, including for PEGs and other prpl community discussions. You can view and join all of the prpl mailing lists at