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As community-run working groups, PEGs use votes to decide on [Vote on Code Changes|code changes]. Outside of code change voting, PEGs use voting for policy changes. An example policy change is setting or changing the PEG mission statement or modifying the set of code conventions. This article summarizes how to vote on policy changes and how to propose a policy change vote.

It's important to remember that policy change votes only require that a simple-majority of the votes be in favor of the policy change.

I want to[edit] on a policy change someone else has proposed[edit]

All votes on policy happen on the mailing list of the PEG. You'll know when a vote is formally called when the tag [VOTING] is the subject line of a mailing list post. If the subject line doesn't include the [VOTING] tag, it's not an official vote.

'At a minimum, reply to the VOTING mailing list thread with your vote at the beginning of the reply. We highly recommend you use the short hand of +1 for voting in favor of the change and -1 for opposing the change.

Additionally, you are free (but not required) to explain why you voted the way you did.

A policy change vote will last at least 72 hours after the vote is formally called OR until all subscribers to the mailing list have voted (whichever comes first).

You may change your vote on a particular question while the vote is going on using the standard method of voting; only your last vote will count. If you do that, please use the same email address if possible. If you absolutely MUST use a different email address, make very clear in the subsequent votes who you are and your previously used email address so we know which vote you're changing.

An individual may only have one vote in the final tally. This mean that, while you can change your vote, you can't vote multiple times using different email addresses or different names. Doing so harms the community and simply unacceptable.

When the voting period is finished, a member of the mailing list will tally the votes and announce the results. a vote on a policy change I'm proposing[edit]

Since the PEGs are community-run, anyone can call a vote on a policy change proposal for the PEG. To do so, make sure to follow these guidelines.

Discuss the policy change before voting[edit]

Policy changes should be discussed in order to build as much consensus as possible before the vote. Calling a vote on an undiscussed policy change is likely to fail as folks have not had time to consider the ramifications of the proposal. Additionally, it may very well annoy people for wasting their time on a vote that will fail. It's almost always best to discuss your proposed change on the mailing list and in other places beforehand. This allows you to tweak your proposal to best fulfill the needs of the community and make it far more likely your policy change will be accepted.

Start the vote[edit]

Start the vote by sending a message to the mailing list with the characteristics:

Put [VOTING] in the subject line of your message[edit]

[VOTING] should be in the subject line of your message along with the topic being voted on.

Ask a very clear yes or not question[edit]

A (humorous) example would be "Do you support changing the mission of the PEG to read 'We make this software solely for the benefit of kittens.'?"

Set the length of the vote (optional)[edit]

By default, votes will last 72 hours or until all subscribers to the mailing list have voted (whichever comes first). You may increase the time for the vote longer than 72 hours. Some reasons for doing so might be due to holidays. Please only increase the voting length minimally.

Tell us how you're voting on the proposal (optional)[edit]

You may vote on the proposal explicitly. By default, it's assumed you're voting in favor of the proposal unless you say otherwise.

Cancelling a vote[edit]

The person proposing a vote may cancel the vote early if they change their mind about their proposal. Simply reply to the voting thread and clearly state that you are cancelling the vote.

When the vote is finished[edit]

When the time for the vote passes, you (or any other member of the list) is free to announce the winner. Please double check your count before announcing :)