Virtualization & Security

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Virtualization & Security PEG's goal is to enable multi-tenant, secure, software environments in datacenter, networking & storage, home, mobile and embedded. Currently, the PEG is only open to members of prpl and to those invited by the PEG chairs.

How to get involved[edit]

How to get involved in Virtualization & Security PEG
Meetings are the best way to get involved in the Virtualization & Security PEG. The meeting schedule is as follows:

Meetings are every other Monday at 8 AM PT

Meetings are currently by invite only. If you'd like to be involved, please contact Eric Schultz, Community Manager.

Meeting notes

Meeting notes are available to current PEG members and upon request. If you're a PEG member, please visit the PEG Basecamp. If you're not a member and would like meeting notes, please contact Eric Schultz, Community Manager

Initial Information[edit]