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This is a template for creating a new PRIP. Please save this on the website as described... statements in italics, like this one, are instructions to help you complete the PRIP and should be removed before saving

User stories[edit]

  • As a $1 user I can widgitize the flaffalator in one step instead of 13.
  • As a $1 developer I can add support for WiFi and Bluetooth supported washing machines


The proposal section of the PRIP is a fairly freeform description of the feature or process improvement. Provide the motivation for the proposal. Describe how the proposal works. List examples, particularly source code, that demonstrates how the improvement will be used. Basically, provide the bulk of the detail about the PRIP here.


As issues with the proposal come to mind or are raised by reviewers, capture them in the considerations section of the PRIP. As appropriate, explain the trade offs of the proposed design and why a particular decision was made. This section may provide the most value for developers and users that follow later so do not be afraid to list everything that comes to mind. Rare is it that a proposal doesn't have some negatives to consider.