Prpl hardware certification policies

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One of the goals of prpl is to have a hardware certification program. The details of these program are still very vague but we're looking at potential policies for hardware included in the certification program.

Throughout this document a number of different phrases are used to name the program. These are all used for description purposes and have no bearing on what the actual program will be called.

How to propose policies

The prpl hardware certification policies should reflect the needs of all members of the community including yours! If you'd like to get involved make sure to share your ideas one of the ways suggested below:

  • Join the general prpl mailing list and discuss the policies there.
  • Add suggestions to the Talk page if you want to discuss your policy ideas on the wiki.
  • If you feel there's enough agreement or that you can add something to the list that already exists, don't hesitate to add your policy to this article by editing it!

Proposed hardware policies

Must properly run code for any relevant PEGs

A basic requirement seems be that any hardware wanting to be certified must run the software from any relevant PEGs. From the standpoint of person who is using a piece of prpl certified hardware, it only makes sense that prpl software would run on it.

That said, it's possible that some software makes no sense for certain pieces of software. For example, while it'd be wonderful for a wearable SoC would run OpenWrt properly, there's not really much value in that to the end user. How we'd define a PEG as "relevant" for a piece of hardware is not entirely clear

Note: any relevant test suite for the relevant PEGs must also succeed when run against the hardware.

All drivers for the hardware must be open source

prpl hardware seems intended for hobbyists and people building other tools based upon the prpl hardware. Because of this, allowing people the freedom to experiment and innovate is vital to its success. The only way to allow the most innovation in prpl hardware usage is to require drivers for the hardware to be open source.

Hardware cannot require a particular piece of software (no-Tivoization)

Given the needs of prpl hardware to be flexible for hobbyists and hardware creators, technical restrictions on software modification would be harmful. To that end, prpl certified hardware would not be allowed to use a mechanism to prevent modified versions of software from running UNLESS all users would have access to the full instructions and keys for installing modified versions.