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Attendees: Mathieu, Kathy, Charlie, Art


  • First prpl board meeting with outside board members held this week. Kathy came with QCOM CTO Matt Grob. Other attendees: Dan Marotta from BRCM, and Tony King-Smith from Imagination. Proxy votes sent by Dan Artusi, Lantiq, who wasn’t able to attend in person.
  • The executive reception Tuesday evening was also a good opportunity to mix and meet and establish additional industry relationships for prpl
  • Art presented a prpl overview and focused on the security PEG at the Imagination Summit Thursday – open source and security well-aligned with the conference in general – they are important themes across industry
  • At the summit, 5 different parties approached Art, suggesting they may be interested in joining prpl
  • Very busy but productive week for promotion of the organization


  • Went to Maker Faire – lots of fun and interesting things to see
  • Last year was all about new CPUs, this year there was more focus on the platform and software “ecosystem”. Having an easily accessible and usable ecosystem is a big deal, especially for IoT/IoE. We see more and more sensors and actuators built into boards that you can do things with by tying them to developer platforms. Sensor makers were complaining though, about being bound by Microsoft and Google (Android?). Unclear exactly what that means…
  • In summary, highlight this year were things that you can plug into developer boards and how easy it is to make it all work.


  • Continuing to send some patches to OpenWrt for IPQ-based platforms
  • Re-wrote gmac driver that should be posted soon
  • Switch driver approved for posting (at least in final stretch), so after that gets pushed we will have full AP148 support
  • Taking family leave (new baby girl!) for 6 weeks, starting next Saturday :)
  • New Dragonboard 410c announced. Mathieu has IFC6410, which is similar, and maybe will see if it can run OpenWrt. Even though the dragonboards have displays, so OpenWrt is not best distro for it.


  • Qualcomm CTO Matt Grob is a big open source fan and Linux proponent and therefore a really nice fit as Qualcomm’s prpl Foundation board member. (He runs his own Linux server at home.)
  • Met with Eric at the Imagination summit. We chatted about security. How to overlay security options to what specific hardware and OpenWrt have to offer. For example, IPQ-based platforms have a root of trust but the older QCA MIPS SoCs do not. For the MIPS platforms, can a secure key be stored in flash, to be used as a root of trust? (The idea applies to retail/consumer/IoT platforms – to protect end-users – help them be confident that the code that booted can be trusted.) Both of us keen on keeping solutions open, and as simple as possible to satisfy requirements. Increasing security usually requires increased complexity, and both come at a cost. Apply security appropriate to the product.